About Us


Founded by Jason Lansing, Austin Pomerantz, and Hunter Pomerantz, along with athlete-founders Charles Matthews and Zavier Simpson, The Players Trunk is a platform for former college athletes to capitalize on the gear they earned during the duration of their college career. This marketplace houses player-owned, game-issued/worn gear, directly from the player.

Our Team

Jason Lansing

Jason is a senior at the University of Michigan studying Sport Management. Born and raised in Chicago, his passion for sports has dominated his life from a young age.

Austin Pomerantz

A senior at the University of Michigan, Austin is studying Sport Management. Growing up in New York, sports has always been his number one priority.

Hunter Pomerantz

A recent graduate of Syracuse University with a degree in Sport Management and Business Marketing, Hunter spent 4 years as a head manager for the Syracuse University Men's Basketball team. 

Charles Matthews

Growing up in Chicago, Charles is no stranger to the best basketball competition out there. After playing his freshman year at Kentucky, he transferred to the University of Michigan. Once there, he led the team all the way to the National Championship game in 2018. Charles has been rehabbing and is expected to sign with an NBA team come next season. In addition, he graduated in 2020 from the University of Michigan.

Zavier Simpson

The pride and joy of Lima, Ohio, Zavier is the definition of a competitor. Tied for the all-time winningest basketball player in University of Michigan history, he was a fan-favorite at the U of M. Gaining national recognition for his unstoppable hook-shot, he became known as "Captain Hook." Since graduating from Michigan, Zavier is training everyday to play professional basketball this upcoming year.